The best possible care for man and the environment

For an industrial group that focuses on innovation, the care for humans and their environment is of course at the heart of their strategy.

We take good care of the employees in our organisation and fulfil our social duties for the area in which we are active. We support social activities by means of sponsorship and organisation of events.

Sustainable solutions
We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our activities to a minimum. The use of infinite recyclable aluminium means a truly sustainable solution. The thermal insulation of the roofing systems which we develop is an important contribution to energy saving and our systems offer good opportunities for the use of solar energy with integrated solar panels.


BOAL Group
Tiendweg 8
2671 SB Naaldwijk
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 174 527 200

Design and production of aluminium profiles

More information about BOAL's aluminium profiles you find on the website of BOAL Extrusion.
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Design and production of aluminium roof systems for horticulture and floriculture

More information about BOAL's systems you find on the website of BOAL Systems.
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