Family business with innovation as a driving force

BOAL was founded on September 1st 1970 as a manufacturer of aluminium glazing systems. Founder Marinus Boers comes from a greenhouse construction family and, as an engineer, was interested in aluminium constructions. Therefore he started in 1970 the development of an aluminium greenhouse construction.

In 1974 the decision was taken to start in-house extrusion of aluminium profiles. From that moment on hollow, thin-walled and complex profiles become available, enabling BOAL to continuously improve their products. 

Expertise brings competitive advantage
With the certainty of availability and supply of profiles and with solid knowledge of material properties, thanks to in house aluminium extrusion, the product developments of BOAL systems bring competitive advantage. The innovative application of aluminium enables lighter constructions for higher light permeability and efficient and sustainable building.

For many decades BOAL Extrusion has been successful in many markets in addition to greenhouse construction. In the eighties the production capacity is extended with production plants in Belgium and the United Kingdom, making it possible to serve all of markets in the North West of Europe.

The developed expertise in the area of aluminium extrusion also makes it possible for the sister company BOAL Systems to continually come up with innovative solutions.

In 2005 founder Marinus Boers retires as CEO of the BOAL Group and in 2007 the group is bought by Ronald Boers (cousin of Marinus Boers). The continuity of the family business is guaranteed and a new phase of growth with new impetus lies ahead.


BOAL Group
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The Netherlands
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Design and production of aluminium profiles

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Design and production of aluminium roof systems for horticulture and floriculture

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