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BOAL Systems

Roof systems

BOAL Systems provides a comprehensive range of aluminum roof and sidewall systems for high-tech glass or poly greenhouse constructions.

BOAL has established long-term collaborative relationships with its customer base of regional and global greenhouse builders. BOAL has completed over 8,000 hectares of new greenhouses worldwide, constructed by various greenhouse builders.

BOAL Systems can tailor its modular systems, which may include fully integrated solutions such as climate screens, insect netting, insulation and ventilation systems, to specific project requirements where size, complexity, or regional challenges are concerned.

BOAL Systems is at the forefront of high-tech covered cultivation, with a strong focus on partnership, engineering and R&D, offering superior technical capabilities and enhanced light transmittance, which will provide growers with optimal yield through minimal resources.


BOAL Extrusion

Aluminium extrusion

The BOAL Group has a unique position in the value chain with its in-house aluminum extrusion facilities in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Aluminum is 100% recyclable and a proven key differentiator, particularly in the current base material shortage environment.

BOAL Extrusion specializes in designing, extruding and surface finishing aluminum profiles for high-tech greenhouses, but also, for example, for the solar industry. BOAL Extrusion is a leading partner for customers right across the world, with over five decades of expertise. Detailed knowledge of the industry value chain provides customers with supply stability and flexibility in planning.

Minimizing energy consumption and the reuse of resources are vital to the organization’s and its customers’ ESG ambitions. Scrap material from subsidiaries is recycled and reused, thereby minimizing CO2 emissions and energy use.


Holland Screens


Sun protection, energy saving, assimilation and darkening. Climate screen systems by Holland Screens are essential for the sustainable production of healthy crops.

Holland Screens is a leading international project partner for turnkey greenhouse screen systems. Holland Screens’ systems - single, double, or triple layers, depending on the specific crop or local requirements - enable growers to optimize the greenhouse climate and be energy efficient under all circumstances. Its advanced screen systems offer flexibility in terms of deployment and are easy to use.

Screens by Holland Screens and Holland Netting’s insect netting seamlessly fit in with BOAL Systems’ range of aluminum roof and sidewall systems for high-tech glass or foil greenhouse constructions.


Holland Netting


Holland Netting is a pioneer and leading provider of insect netting systems or Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems for covered cultivation worldwide. Insect netting plays a crucial role in sustainable crop protection.

It has proven to be an effective measure to keep harmful insects out, or to retain useful insects inside of the greenhouse. Installing netting in roof vents means the chance of an insect infestation is reduced.

Holland Netting enables growers worldwide to reduce or stop the use of pesticides, resulting in a cleaner crop and safe food grown locally.

Insect netting by Holland Netting and climate screens by Holland Screens seamlessly fit in with BOAL Systems’ range of aluminum roof and sidewall systems for high-tech glass or foil greenhouse constructions.


Alumat Zeeman

Ventilation, screening, parts

Alumat Zeeman is a renowned supplier to the global horticulture industry, with over nine decades of expertise.

Alumat Zeeman is a trusted partner in the design and production of a wide range of greenhouse parts for vent opening systems, drive systems and solutions for screen systems, as well as a preferred supplier of greenhouse spare parts.

Specialized in the industrial processing of wire, metal and tubes for greenhouse solutions, Alumat Zeeman is able to tailor to custom greenhouse building project requirements right across the world.



Insulation systems

High quality insulation systems form a vital part of high-tech greenhouses’ energy saving strategy. Adding insulation to sidewall and end wall constructions which do not require sunlight will result in significant energy savings. Production and service areas constructed with insulation panels will create safe workplaces and will keep the yield quality stable and secure, thereby limiting food wastage.

WestNederLand is the leading supplier of insulation systems to global greenhouse builders, with advanced panel joints and integrated systems developed with BOAL Systems such as BOAL S-House.




BGF, a joint venture between BOAL Group and Flexibell China, is the supplier of choice supporting the growing demand for local greenhouse supplies & services in China.

With the local production and presence of BGF in China, high tech greenhouse builders are facilitated to expand their horizon in the Far East, while eliminating the traditional hurdles of import duties, local legislation and logistic costs. BGF facilitates greenhouse builders to source supplies like greenhouse roof systems, insect netting and climate screen solutions for the Chinese market locally, while being ensured of the A-grade Dutch quality traditionally delivered by the BOAL Group.

BGF is committed to deliver high quality products and services, and contribute to the success of its clients locally. BGF will support the further development of China's horticulture in the years to come.



Energy Ports is dedicated to revolutionizing the accessibility of renewable energy for everyone. Through its solar ports, Energy Ports transforms local parking lots and other covered areas into local energy sources, while respecting the local ecosystem. Its innovative approach allows to seamlessly integrate renewable energy generation, without compromising the original purpose and aesthetics of these spaces.


Energy Ports believes that renewable energy should be accessible and harmoniously integrated into existing spaces. By promoting multiple land use, harnessing solar power, and implementing robust water management systems, it contributes to a greener future while preserving precious resources. Together, let's revolutionize renewable energy accessibility for a brighter and more sustainable world!

Energy Ports is a joint venture between BOAL Group, Flexibell Systems and Wouter de Roos.



The BOAL Group


The companies which make up the BOAL Group together date as far back as an entire century




Edwin van den Berg


Cees van den Heuvel


Robert-Jan de Goeij


Jelle van der Zwaan


Janina van Offeren

Majority shareholder

Equistone Partners Europe (EPE)


Ronald Boers


EUR 250 million

Export share



Westland area,
The Netherlands


The BOAL Group

BOAL serves growers, builders and investors worldwide

BOAL provides greenhouse builders with a comprehensive portfolio of modular systems and solutions for high-tech covered cultivation. It ranges from complete aluminum greenhouse structures with integrated insect netting and ventilation solutions to insulated storage areas, climate screen systems or individual greenhouse parts.

BOAL tailors its modular systems to the requirements of specific projects and delivers these direct to the construction site as a ready-to-build package. BOAL has a unique position in the value chain with its in-house extruded aluminum, which is 100% recyclable and a proven key differentiator, particularly in the current base material shortage environment.

Having established long-term collaborative relationships with regional and global greenhouse builders, BOAL has supplied over 8,000 hectares of greenhouses in over 50 countries. BOAL’s systems significantly contribute to feeding a rapidly growing global population whilst minimizing the use of resources.

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