Our covered cultivation systems will put you in control

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Our covered cultivation systems put you in control

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How to meet the needs of a growing population?

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) makes it happen

The world will need as much food over the next 40 years as it did during the past 8000 years.

The total global food demand is expected to increase by more than 50% within the next 20 years.

We are facing climate challenges, as well as the fact that water and arable land becoming increasingly scarce. High-tech covered cultivation forms part of the solution to sustainably meet the growing demand. We are committed to drive the transformation to a sustainable supply of healthy food, flowers and plants with our Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) ambition.

It is our purpose to partner with builders and growers worldwide by engineering and manufacturing advanced systems and solutions for high-tech Controlled Environment Agriculture. Together we enable growers to flourish and to sustainably feed the growing population with fewer resources.

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Engineering and manufacturing for builders and growers

Engineering and manufacturing for builders and growers

in 50+ countries

BOAL designs, engineers and manufactures ready-to-install scalable solutions for greenhouse builders, allowing them to deliver high-performing projects for growers to produce crops worldwide.



BOAL has a unique understanding of the industry value chain and of partnership. Our company is made up of industry experts with proven expertise in designing, engineering and manufacturing greenhouse systems and solutions. We are committed to bringing this expert knowledge to builders of high-tech covered cultivation facilities.

We manufacture and co-engineer tailored solutions, which will excel at your substantial, complex and geographically challenged greenhouse projects.


A lack or abundance of water or light. Every region has its own specific challenges. Our global expertise helps solve local challenges.


Appropriate lighting is essential for growing healthy crops. Our advanced roof and sidewall systems are designed with minimum profile sizes for maximum sunlight.

Various types of energy-saving climate screens allow for the transmission of light to be optimally adjusted in line with the crop’s needs.

Light emissions can be reduced to less than 1% as a result of our assimilation screens, thereby making it easy to comply with local rules and regulations.

Tempera­ture & humidity

Maintaining an appropriate temperature range and carefully controlled humidity levels during the plant cycle is important to avoid both plant stress and an increased susceptibility to pests. Our screens, insect netting and ventilation systems will put you in control of temperature, humidity and air flow.

Sustainable Crop Protection

Plants will thrive and be resilient to pests when light, temperature and humidity levels are optimal. Adding insect netting is a vital part of sustainable crop protection without pesticides, as this keeps harmful insects out and helpful insects in.

Energy Saving

In line with our ESG ambition, our systems are designed to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions, specifically focusing on reducing the use of energy in our production facilities, as well as enabling our customers to lower theirs.

The design of our roof and sidewall systems forms a vital part of the energy saving strategy. Significant savings can be achieved with the addition of our climate screens and insulation systems.

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